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Beloved Soul Family,

We are now in the time of Summer Solstice, which is a powerful portal of healing and positivity. ?

Now is a sacred time to align with the heart, set our intentions, and open up a new way of living and being.

I invite you to join me for this Summer Solstice sound healing to align your energy and prepare you for the rest of the year.

As we can see in the world, now more than ever, it's the time for us to rise into our fullness and our highest expression and the highest version of ourselves. ? This solstice also falls on a new moon, so it has even more power and potential. ??

I welcome you to relax, take a deep breath, and allow the sounds and tones of this sound healing to open your heart and align you with your sacred intention.

As you allow the frequencies to wash over you, I invite you to set your sacred intention for the rest of the year. ?

From my heart to yours,
~ Mei-lan

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