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  • cnshuan gni Custom Upholstery Sofa Fabric Manufacturers Introduces The Maintenance Method Of Fabric Sofa 2022-11-21 Custom Upholstery Sofa Fabric Manufacturers presents maintenance requirements for fabric sofas: 1. Vacuum at least once a week, pay attention to remove the dust between the corners and the fabric structure. 2. If the gasket can be turned over, please use it once a week to ensure uniform wear. You can also take the cushion outdoors to pat it frequently to loosen the fibers inside and keep the sofa soft. 3. If it is stained, it can be wetted with a clean rag to avoid leaving traces. It is best to wipe off the edge of the stain. Velvet furniture cannot be soaked in water and should be dry cleaned. Through the above introduction, Chenille Sofa Fabric Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.
    Nov 22