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The sound enters my heart. -- The monster with a thousand faces

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    November 18, 2022 4:18 AM EET

    She waved her hand at the employee who was caught, scaring the girl to trot back to her seat. Xue Sitong stared at the door for a while, then slowly approached, gently unscrewed the handle, looked inside, paused, and quietly closed the door. Miao Anan: ".." She chuckled and suddenly felt that General Manager Xue, who had always been decisive and unrestrained at work, was actually very cute at the moment. Xue Sitong pointed to Duan Jixiu's office and motioned to her, "Go, you know, accompany people to relieve boredom, maybe you will give you a big red envelope as soon as you are happy." Miao Anan laughed. "OK, General Manager Xue." Yu Sheng is concentrating on brushing the micro-blog, two days ago, the micro-blog message brushed several pages and did not brush to the end, she was secretly sighing, suddenly Miao Anan's voice remembered from behind, "You and Duan Gongzi.." She suddenly came to her senses and subconsciously turned her head to look, and found Miao Anan staring at her neck. Yu Sheng: ".." Her embarrassed face was hot and dry. The air conditioning in the room was a little loud, and she just thought that no more outsiders would come in, so she boldly untied her scarf and spread her hair to cover it. I didn't expect to be caught by my good friend now. No wonder Qing Huan's girl was holding your scarf in the morning. Look, I knew there was something fishy about it. Miao Anan looked at her and chuckled. Shy to raise his head, hurriedly re-cover the scarf, "too humiliating.." Miao Anan laughed more happily, "it's all right, most people can't see it, so Duan Gongzi has more chances to see it." Yu Sheng was even more dissatisfied with Duan Jixiu,warehouse pallet racks, and she didn't look him in the eye until he came back. What's the matter? Instinctively, the woman is in a temper. Duan Jixiu took two clothes from the small room where he rested and handed them to her, looking into her eyes and asking. Yu Sheng glanced at him and reluctantly put him in his suitcase, muttering, "Now they all know." "Know what?" She threw back her neck and motioned to him. Duan Jixiu suddenly understood, he couldn't help laughing, with light in his eyes and a pleasant voice, "What's wrong with knowing? We are all adults, we all understand!" Yu Sheng: ".." She's embarrassed because everyone understands, okay?! She felt some resistance in her heart and was reluctantly led out by him. She wanted to break free, but as soon as she went out, she found many employees stretching their necks curiously in their direction. She suddenly suppressed her impulse again. If you throw him away in front of so many people, he will surely be talked about by the staff behind his back. Duan Jixiu obviously felt that more than half of her temper had disappeared, and he turned to look at her. Yu Sheng obediently let him lead, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty metal racks, shyly drooping his eyebrows and eyes under so many pairs of eyes, pursing his lips, quietly climbing up two shallow blushes on his cheeks. Duan Jixiu's whole body seemed to cross an electric current, and his heart suddenly felt numb. His thumb belly gently rubbed on the back of her hand, and the corners of his mouth gently hooked. When she got on the bus, she turned her head angrily. Duan Jixiu secretly kissed her at the corners of her mouth while Xiao Kai didn't get on the bus. He coaxed her softly, "I was wrong. Next time I'll kiss her gently." Can you pin it on your neck next time? How embarrassing. She sounds like a fly. Duan Jixiu gave a hearty smile. He opened his mouth in a low voice. "Well, change places next time." Yu Sheng: ".." She took a deep breath and simply moved aside, clinging to the car door and looking out of the window angrily. The author has something to say: It's going to be over soon. The author added some oil. At 21 o'clock, it's going to be the second watch. Do you believe it? Chapter 73 It was already seven o'clock in the evening when she arrived at the slurry. She was too tired and exhausted last night. Yu Sheng slept all the way in the car. When she woke up, the car had stopped at the door of the hotel last time. Her mind was much clearer in an instant. Are you awake? Duan Jixiu slanted his head at her. In the sound of sleepy eyes, she rubbed her eyes, carefully confirmed the hotel after looking at Duan Jixiu, "or, change the hotel?" Duan Jixiu chuckled, as if to see through her mind, "don't worry, the front desk can't remember you." Yu Sheng murmured in her heart, in fact, she was not afraid that people would remember her, but that she would remember him. She followed Duan Jixiu to the front desk with a guilty conscience, and they handed their ID cards to the waiter for registration. Duan Jixiu suddenly said, "a suite." The waiter suddenly looked up, looked at the two of them in an ambiguous way, checked their ID cards carefully, and found that they were not brother and sister at all. Although there are many guests staying every day, few of them are so handsome and impressive. Moreover, his reason at that time was that his sister broke up with her boyfriend and ran away from home, and he was emotionally unstable. So, that time, I paid extra attention to them, and it was easy to remember their faces. Unexpectedly, only a month later, she met again on the night of her duty. Yu Sheng looked at the waiter a little flustered. She opened a room with a boy for the first time, wondering if she needed a legal couple to live together. The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she felt. She was at a loss. Facing the waiter's eyes, she did not know where to give birth to an impulse. Suddenly, she stuck to Duan Jixiu's arm and took his arm on her own initiative. She looked up and smiled at the man's smooth jaw line. Her voice was sweet, "Dear, I'm hungry. What are we going to eat later?" Duan Jixiu: ".." He froze with one movement. The waiter also half opened his mouth in surprise and looked at them with ambiguous eyes. Duan Jixiu took a deep breath and glanced impatiently at the certificate in the waiter's hand. "Has the information been checked?" Only then did the waiter come to his senses. "Oh, well, sir." Respectfully returned their ID cards, forced to smile and reported the room number to hand out the key card. Yu Sheng took Duan Jixiu's arm into the elevator under the watchful eyes of the front desk. In the room, Yu Sheng later released Duan Jixiu's arm, thinking of her bold behavior just now,push back racking system, her cheeks could not help blushing, her eyebrows drooping and her eyes not daring to look at him. Duan Jixiu smiled in a low voice, "dear?" 。