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    November 8, 2022 3:49 AM EET

    Besieged by tens of thousands of Qing troops outside Jintian, the Taiping Army fought for a long time without success, coupled with the lack of food and salt in the army, and the lack of guns and gunpowder, the morale of the army was extremely depressed. Lvjiaojiao and Jack wanted to have a big arms business for a long time, but they didn't expect that this kind of big business had a big problem in the industry. If the customer was the one who lost the battle, as a businessman, they had to worry about whether the other party could receive the goods and whether the other party could pay off the goods. This problem has always been in front of Lvjiaojiao. Sometimes she felt miserable. Why did she have to sell arms to the Taiping Army? The arms dealer who did the business of the Qing army was so fair and aboveboard that he paid for the goods with one hand and delivered the goods with the other hand. The transportation was risk-free and the money was collected without repudiation. But think about that he chose to be an anti-Qing righteous man for the sake of peace in the world. Even the anti-Qing emperor's geomantic cave was ordered by himself. It's useless to complain now. I can only hope to be a promising anti-thief in the future. Together with Hong Xuanjiao and Lin Fengxiang, they took the cavalry team back and forth between the Guangzhou port and the Guangxi battlefield. In the middle of the year, they had already gone through several rounds of big business, earning money with great courage. It was impossible for them to stop doing this business. But in this year, the Taiping Army kept changing camps, and every delivery had to find out where the main force of the Taiping Army was. To be honest, the Qing Army could not find the team, and they would not find it easily. Once we got in touch with each other, the place was either a battlefield that had been turned upside down, and it would be life-threatening if we walked into it; or it was a dangerous place that the Qing army could not conquer, simply speaking,Jumping castle with slide, it was a place where people and carriages could not walk up, and when the goods arrived, we had to use people to climb up the mountain on their backs, anyway, the biggest problem was to transport the ammunition to the hands of the Taiping Army. At that time, however, the tens of thousands of troops of the Qing army were not all led by Xiang Rong alone. Xiang Rong's 7,large inflatable water slide,000 troops were responsible for the main attack, and did not break up the camp for the long defensive line. Wulantai, the deputy governor of Guangzhou, who also came to fight, led 12,000 troops to disperse in the dangerous passes for the main defense and assists; The composition of the other half of the Qing army was more complicated: there were several thousand Qing troops from Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, Sichuan, and other provinces to assist in the war; there were also several thousand authentic Eight Banners Shenji battalions with the best firepower and equipment from Guangzhou; there were Tuanlian troops organized by local squires who were willing to cooperate with the Qing army; and there were even Hongmen troops who had surrendered to the Qing army. The siege was very tight, but it was definitely not impregnable. There were always some weak places in the defense line of hundreds of miles. At the beginning of smuggling arms, they tried to break through the weak defense line of the Qing army and cross the river to deliver goods. After one or two attacks, there were casualties. The Qing army strengthened its defense on all fronts, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable meltdown, so they came up with a new way. The defense line can be very strong, but the heart is always soft. It turned out that the war lasted too long, and the Qing army was short of food and money from time to time. In the urgent need to improve their lives, some non-main forces of the Qing army actually became familiar with the Taiping Army and secretly communicated with each other to do business. In the days when the two sides were not at war, the surplus grain and gunpowder supplies in the Qing army would be sold to the Taiping army, but they could not always apply to the court for the transfer of armaments and provisions for sale. After all, there were several armaments sent by the court, and if they sold more, they would always find that there were fewer things in the storehouse camp. They had to have new goods to sell before they could do long-term business. With this weakness, Lvjiaojiao sent people to bribe the junior officers of the Qing army, making the Qing army a underpass in arms transportation, and the easiest bribe was the Hongmen army that surrendered to the Qing Dynasty. There had been no rain for a long time, and the weather was so hot that people wanted to keep drinking water and taking off their clothes. But Lvjiaojiao and Jack were more angry than the high temperature. When they came to the Xunjiang River with several cars of guns and ammunition, they hid in a remote village and went out to inquire about the location of the Taiping Army. When they learned that the Taiping Army was all surrounded by Jintian Xinxu, everyone's heart sank habitually. Every time it's like this, you can't deliver the goods in Guangxi. Jack wore a straw-woven cowboy-style cool hat on his head, and his sunburned upper body showed the golden retriever on his chest. He looked at the Qing army camp on the other side of the Xunjiang River with a depressed expression and said: "If you can't deliver the goods, you can't collect all the money. Even if you collect the deposit, you won't lose a lot of money, but losing a small amount of money is also a big sum of money. Oh.." He gave a miserable cry. Hong Xuanjiao and Lin Fengxiang are the bodyguards of this arms procurement team, and every time they will try their best to eliminate the problems in front of them. The tall and majestic Lin Fengxiang also stripped off his upper body, and his bronzed skin looked stronger than Jack's. He also looked at the other side and said, "The person who inquired about the news said that it was the old Hongmen Department that guarded the Xunjiang River on the East Road, but we turned to take a boat into Jintian. If we were intercepted on the river, it would be dangerous. It would be better to rush through the land route on the South Road quickly." Lv Jiaojiao was wearing a thin silk dress. Sweat made her clothes stick to her body, and also made her hair stick to her sharp but ruddy face. She squatted in the front seat of the carriage, holding a long thin cigar in one hand, and slowly shaking the Su embroidery fan in the other hand and said: "Don't be rude. We are here to make money. If people die, it's useless to make money. Let's see who can be bribed.." Jack turned to look at Lv Jiao with a worried face. "Dear, can you not smoke beside the powder keg?" "Then I'll go to Sister Jiao's car and smoke." Green Jiaojiao said to jump over Hong Xuanjiao's gun car, Jack grabbed her and said, "Forget it." Hong Xuanjiao was also hot and sweaty. Her tall and plump figure came out from under her clothes, which made any man's blood boil. She said, "Let me go for a walk first. Maybe we don't have to transport the goods across the river. If we find the Erwuzai from Hongmen, we can help us transport the goods across the river. Well, let's wait here for a day first. I'll talk to them." "I'll go with you." Lin Fengxiang and Hong Xuanjiao have been in love for a long time, and they will certainly take the initiative to keep up with this dangerous thing. Two people in order to gain time to set out immediately, green Jiao Jiao immediately arranged to hide three carriages. Jack looked at the back of them walking away, shaking his head and sighing to himself: "Every day is so sweet …" With a cigarette slanting in her mouth, Lvjiaojiao pulled the oilcloth and asked, "What do you mean?" "Nothing,inflatable amusement park," said Jack. "I wonder if they will come back tonight." Green Jiaojiao stopped her work and frowned at Jack. "Why don't you go and have a look? I also want to know what they are doing if they don't come back at night." Laurel and Cinnamon, two sisters in the same team, looked at them and giggled. Chapter 175-big head sheep.