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The sun is scorching with frost

  • November 8, 2022 3:45 AM EET

    "It's just that the old-timers don't ask any more questions," said Shi. Hou Qi, the downwind traveler, rolled his eyes steeply and said, "I'm not in charge of Chen Jiabao. How can I make such an excessive promise to Shaoxia?" The implication was that he could not guarantee that other people in Chen Jiabao would not come to him for help. Shi Kui smiled and said, "The younger generation is very grateful for the elder generation's words of sorrow." There are only edges and corners in politeness, as if the odds are in hand. "I'm afraid it's going to be a bad day," thought Hou Qi, the downwind Walker. But the arrow was on the string, so he had no choice but to send it. He smiled generously and said, "Shaoxia, please!" Shi Kui untied his sword from his waist and put it down against the wall of the cave. "It's better to obey orders than to be respectful," he said. "You and I have no grudges or enmities. The younger generation will teach one or two with their palms." The act of untying the sword not only showed his own bright heart, but also showed his respect for everyone present, believing that they would not seize the opportunity to attack him. Now that he has not started, his momentum has exerted a striking influence on the psychology of these famous figures, which is amazing and admirable. As soon as Shi Kui's voice fell, he deceived himself and went straight up, saying, "The boy worships Guanyin." Then he went to Hongmen, stepped on the palace, and split a palm to Hou Qi, who was walking with the wind. The boy worships "Guanyin", which is the ceremony of the younger generation. Walking through the Hongmen Gate and stepping on the palace shows the strength of the court. As soon as the connoisseur stretched out his hand, he knew whether he had it or not, and the history of this division was so refined and restrained that it was already hidden with a great suzerain's demeanor. Hou Qi, the downwind traveler, took a breath of cold air. He came but did not go. It was indecent. He skillfully avoided Shi Qi's palm. His end was neat and neat, worthy of the skill of a famous master. "I've offended you," he said with a loud laugh. As soon as the palm style changes, take the attack as the defense, launches a round of fierce palm method, one move after another, step by step presses the downwind person Hou Qi to cover in the palm wind, is also a weather. Hou Qi, a downwind traveler, respects each other with courtesy because of the history. As a famous senior, how can he make a move is an evil spirit? A bad idea, the first opportunity is lost. Shi Kui a round of rapid attack, palm strength, all can not be remarkable,Brushless Gear Motor, forced Hou Qi to deal with it with all his strength. As for how to deal with the situation, we are not taking the initiative. If we are not taking the initiative, it will be difficult for us to give full play to our strengths. If we use our weaknesses to defeat our strengths, we will be cut off from victory. What's more, Shi Ju Zong is to let him do his best, not necessarily against his thirty strokes. But Shi Kui did not let him have the opportunity to show his strengths, with a little scheming, nothing else, is to make the downwind Hou Qi afterwards admitted that the defeat was wronged, can have a psychological self-comfort. In a moment, the two men fought faster and faster. Shi Juqi made one move after another and tried his best to be the first. Hou Qi, the downwind Walker, was calm and steady, and had no flaws, but he could not pull back the first hand. You should know that when the martial arts masters fight against each other, the chance of victory or defeat is small, and the first chance is lost. If you want to turn defeat into victory, it is not something that can be done by twenty or thirty strokes. This kind of situation, can only see the wooden beggar Lin Yongsen is not constantly grasping his own scabby head, or restlessly stamping his feet in the same place. Earth-shaking hands Zhuo Buqun frowned, hands clasped each other, Vending Machine Motor ,Small Geared Motors, two palms, unexpectedly oozed a lot of sweat. The phantom dragon Xu did not leave his mind at this time but completely flew out of the battlefield, can not guess, can not see the strange young man's tricks, eyes are full of confusion. This young man and "Fanjing Villa" and "Wen Zhuang" are all the same, he can not ignore, but now he does not know how to manage? The two sides rushed down, and in a twinkling of an eye, twenty-five strokes passed. Shi Kui was not too much for himself, and as soon as his palm slowed down, he seamlessly let Hou Qi, the downwind Walker, pull back and miss. Although Hou Qi, the downwind Walker, was not known for his palm skills, he was a master after all. Seeing that Shi Kui was not very old, his palm skills were very powerful and fierce, and he did not look like a young man. Surprised, he tried his best to deal with this. He managed to catch a flaw in Shi Kui and shouted, "Look at the palm." Bend your arms and sink your elbows, turn around in the cemetery, and make a move to "split Huashan Mountain with force", like lightning, to split the head of Shi Gong. With a well-thought-out plan in mind, Shi Kui called out, "It's good to come." He shook his shoulders and shook his body in the style of "willow catkins drifting in the wind." With the strength of Hou Qi's palm, the downwind Walker slanted out two steps. As soon as Hou Qi, the downwind Walker, took the lead, he rolled out in the back hand, shouted loudly, vented his grievances, and covered Shi Qi in the wind of his palm. Shi Kui turned from an advantage to a disadvantage. He looked calm and calm. He was very strict. The downwind man waited for the strange sky to do his best. Unfortunately, the time was up, and the thirty recruits were full. Wooden beggar Lin Yung-sen called out, "Thirty!" He grabbed a piece of scalp with his hands. Gu Fengxing and Hou Qi could be regarded as a man. Hearing the sound, they closed their hands and turned over to the ground. They retreated eight feet. Sadly, they folded their fists and said, "Shaoxia, I accept my fate!" "The younger generation is about to be defeated," Shi said with a leisurely smile. "The older generation has kept their word, which is admirable and admirable." With the wind, Hou Qi's eyes flashed, and he made a note on Shi Kui's face. With a long sigh, his mouth was about to move. Suddenly, he stopped talking and turned to the phantom dragon Xu Buliu and other three people. The expression is dull, they are very angry, but helpless. Shi Kui shook himself to the mouth of the cave and blocked the way of Hou Qi, the downwind Walker. "Is that how the old-timer left?" He asked. Hou Qi, the downwind Walker, opened his eyes angrily. He was so angry that his hands and feet trembled. "Do you want me to die in front of you?" He shouted. The Phantom Dragon Xu Buliu could not hold back any longer. With a sneer, he answered, "Shaoxia, you should know that your victory is not glorious." Hou Qi, the downwind Walker, vented his anger and said with a deep sigh, "Brother Xu, there's no need to say any more!" "That's right," Shi said with a calm smile. "The younger generation was a little scheming and took the lead." There was a slight pause in the voice. Phantom Dragon Xu Buliu Nose "Humph!" With a cry, he said to himself, "How shameless you are! You can say that." As he thought about it, he heard Shi Ju answer with a straight face: "Therefore, the younger generation doesn't dare to win with this." Earth-shaking hand Zhuo Buqun raised his thumb and said, "Yes!"! I can't see that you are a person. The phantom dragon Xu kept his eyes wide open. He didn't dare to make any more good or bad criticisms of Shi Ju. He had been ruling the roost for half his life in vain. He was used to being unpredictable and unfathomable. Unexpectedly, the young man in front of him was even more unpredictable than him. In contrast,12v High Torque Motor, he was like in the clouds. Wooden beggar Lin Yongsen laughed and said, "Shaoxia, do you intend to fight again?" 。