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  • It was a tense time for the Horde and Alliance continue to argue about vengeance and pride an evil devil that was far more ancient and more perilous than the Lich King had seemingly awakened WOTLK Gold. Many years ago, the Titans were imprisoned by the Old Gods upon Azeroth to protect them from the threat of destroying the planet with void magic.

    They left powerful constructions in charge of one of their prisoners, Yogg-Saron, but the one particular Old God had spent countless days poisoning the area surrounding it by shedding its own blood, and spreading its insidious influence to all over the world. With time, the Self-proclaimed God of Death gained control of its own jailers creating a plan of action to free itself. The players would need to go into the city of Ulduar that was constructed in the time of the Titans to serve as a tomb , but has instead turned into a prison for the terrible evil inside.

    Constantly under attack from creepy, evil creatures and frightening nightmares, Azeroth's heroes attacked deep into Ulduar fixing the damage and uprooting the Old God's corrupted nature. With the help of the rejuvenated Titanic wardens who had overseen Yogg-Saron's rule for millennia. Players had the power required to end Yogg's terrible reign once and for all. Though killing an Old God wasn't thought to be impossible, similar to what they had with C'Thun in World of Warcraft: WOTLK Classic The players destroyed the body of Yogg'Saron with only a few traces of his influence to disintegrate and disappear without nourishment.

    Hardly an expansion goes by without a connection to the game's most iconic villain - the Lich King. The build-up to the final assault of Wrath of the Lich King included a rout of the Scourge's headquarters in the Icecrown Citadel, where Arthas united with the Ner'zhul in the end the third game, Warcraft 3 buy WOW WOTLK Classic Gold. From atop this impenetrable citadel, he controlled the Scourge's every move, delegating duties to a variety among his most competent minions such as the frost wyrm Sindragosa and the death knight who was recently inducted, Dranosh Saurfang.
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