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  • The 27th of September is a big day in the world of OSRS gold Gielinor when the first Skilled Boss will be coming to RuneScape. In the next chapter of the Elder Gods, you'll have to fight Croesus by using your woodcarving, mining as well as fishing, hunting and construction skills - and they'll not be easy to defeat.

    Jagex stated that there aren't any specific skills or requirements for combat for fighting, however, he advises that you be at least level 80 for all of the above-mentioned skills. Attacks from Croesus can reduce your skills, meaning that the higher your level that you are at, the longer you'll be able to last. But, obviously, you also have to be already a RuneScape member to deal with the new content.

    Since Croesus is a brand new type of boss battle it is important to take an in-depth look at how to defeat them before you begin the battle. The good news is that Jagex will have you covered Take a look at the trailer below to see Croesus in the action:

    "Work as a team and make use of your abilities to take mushrooms out of the dead creatures at the edge in the arena." explained Jagex from the battle with the boss. "When you've collected sufficient resources, and weaken Croesus enough, you will be able to repair four of the heroic statues. Once restored to their previous glory, they'll shine brightly and shoot an enlightening beam of light at the boss.

    This will temporarily suppress Croesus and allow you access to the central mushroom from which the boss derives most of his power. Make use of this trick to weaken Croesus even more. After a few minutes, Croesus will go back to guarding the center and you'll need create a new statue to get it back. Once the mushroom core is completely removed, Croesus will go back to sleep, and you will be able to buy OSRS GP claim your rewards.

    Elder God Wars: The Creesus Front hits RuneScape on September 27.

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